The transition to a low-carbon and socially responsible economy requires a substantial change in the direction of financial flow. The European Commission introduced a broad regulations package to improve transparency in activities related to sustainable finance to meet Sustainable Development Goals’ objectives.  Zielke Research Consult has developed a wide range of solutions to help financial institutions with their fiduciary duty and sustainability strategy.

  • Labels on products following SFDR and EU taxonomy requirements
  • Taxonomy Screening
  • Investment strategies and ESG risk management advisory
  • Taxonomy and SFDR reporting advisory


Read more in the Taxonomy Brochure and the Reporting Template.

CSR reporting
  • Advisory for insurers and banks (KPIs, benchmarking, best practices, compliance check, industry trends)
  • Individual research on specific issues (e.g. CO2 emissions, inclusion, etc.)
  • CSR labels
  • SFCR analysis
  • Advisory on insurance regulatory affairs
  • Advisory on IFRS 9 and 17
ESG profiler
  • 2 hour web based training for consultants about sustainability, sustainability preferences, and sustainable investment advice by GOING PUBLIC!
  • Questionnaire for consultants and clients certified for conformity with the ESG module in DIN 77230 by DEFINO and iS2
  • Selection of compatible products provided by Morgen&Morgen
  • Liability-proof product matching build on the product label for sustainable insurance products by Zielke Research Consult

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